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Recruitment Innovation Center

HandsThe Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) contributes to VUMC’s Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC) in several ways, bringing expertise in critical appraisal of the biomedical and grey literature, health literacy, learning styles, clear communication, and computer science. The RIC is funded by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) at the National Institutes of Health. 

CKM’s collaboration with the RIC began in Fall 2016.  Our contributions have included a series of evidence reviews related to recruitment and retention of minoritized populations in clinical trials. Additionally, we contributed to the development of a massive open online course hosted by Coursera as a component of the RIC’s “Faster Together” initiative focusing on evidence-based strategies for enhancing the recruitment of underrepresented populations in clinical trials. The course consists of eight modules addressing the full scope of the recruitment process, from initial engagement through retention. See below for more examples of CKM's contributions to the RIC.  

CKM contributions:

  • Reviewing the literature on issues pertaining to recruitment and retention of minoritized populations in clinical trials
  • Conducting a review and synthesis of the published and grey literature regarding training and resources to enhance research teams’ ability to recruit participants in clinical trials
  • Evaluating platforms for delivering online learning material
  • Reviewing content for Faster Together to ensure it was supported by the best evidence and adhered to clear communication best practice
  • Collaborating with video production team to transform content into a multimedia format
  • Implementing curriculum content into Coursera
  • Providing support for course maintenance and evaluation activities 
  • Contributing to dissemination initiatives


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