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Critical Appraisal of the Biomedical Literature

Critical Appraisal of the Biomedical Literature & Evidence Services

From rapid search development to expertly filtered and synthesized information packets, our evidence services support patient care, research, education, and healthcare administration.


The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) offers evidence consultation services to advance clinical decision making, evidence-based practice, and the research enterprise at VUMC.  These services are delivered in different formats tailored to specific information needs and budget.  

Highly-skilled CKM information scientists contribute expertise in searching the biomedical literature; identifying the most authoritative sources; synthesizing and filtering evidence; evaluating study design; and identifying biases in the literature. CKM information scientists are well-versed in a wide array of databases and grey literature resources, including specialized domain-specific, unpublished, and non-commercial resources, which enable them to locate data not readily accessible. 

Filtered packets prepared by CKM offer concise, objective summaries of the evidence, citations, and expert search strategies for consulted sources.  The resulting information products and evidence packets are stored and maintained in web-based repositories available to the VUMC community. For more detailed information, see the evidence services page


This service follows a fee schedule; please view it here.


Primary Contact(s) Credentials

Mallory Blasingame, MA, MSIS

Jing Su, MD, MSIS