Evidence, Critical Appraisal, and Information Filtering

Tower of booksFor over 25 years, information scientists at the Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) have provided expert filtered and synthesized evidence impacting research, patient care, clinical practice, and healthcare management at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). They possess expertise in searching the biomedical literature, synthesizing and filtering evidence, evaluating study design, identifying inherent biases, and recognizing the most authoritative sources for particular information needs. As such, CKM is recognized as a VUMC authority on the synthesis of biomedical literature and resources.

CKM information scientists provide targeted evidence for integration into the medical center’s clinical systems, protocols, and practices. They have advanced knowledge in medicine, metadata management, health literacy and learning styles, public health, biochemistry, and genetics – all of which drives evidence support for diverse medical center teams, systems, and processes.  CKM evidence products are maintained within in-house databases and are available to the VUMC community. 

CKM provides learning opportunities in multiple areas of expertise to support patient care, research, education, and hospital administration for the VU/VUMC communities. Our offerings range from how to conduct systematic reviews to health and genetic literacy.