Evidence Services


The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) offers evidence consultation services to help advance clinical decision making, evidence-based practice, and the research enterprise at VUMC.  Highly-skilled CKM information scientists contribute expertise in searching the biomedical literature, biochemical, genetic, structural and bioinformatics resources, identifying the most authoritative sources, synthesizing and filtering evidence, evaluating study design, and identifying biases in the literature. CKM information scientists are well-versed in a wide array of databases including specialized domain-specific, unpublished, and non-commercial resources, which enable them to locate data not readily accessible. 

Filtered packets prepared by CKM offer concise, objective summaries of the evidence capturing multiple viewpoints where applicable, documenting expert search strategies, and providing dynamic links to relevant databases and resources to facilitate updates.  The resulting information products and evidence packets are stored and maintained in web-based repositories available to the VUMC community. 

Request evidence consultation services:

  • For questions related to genetics, biochemistry, or bioinformatics, click here.  
  • For all other evidence consultation requests, click here

Applying expert skills in the application of levels and grading from evidence hierarchies, as well as the evaluation of study methodologies and sources of bias, CKM staff cite and synthesize information from resources such as clinical trials; systematic reviews and meta-analyses; documents from federal, international, and non-governmental organizations; and other published and grey literature resources, biochemical resources, databases and algorithms into succinct recaps of relevant outcomes.   CKM additionally extends evidence provision to further the institution’s precision medicine initiatives through the research and analysis of how various mutations and alleles affect protein structure and function.


Evidence Based Services:


  • Clinical units: just-in-time evidence summaries that consider patient-specific factors to support effective clinical decision-making and evidence-based practice in inpatient, critical care, and outpatient settings. 
  • OrderSets/SmartSets: are point-of-care actions, or “orderables,” usually grouped around a specific procedure.  Order Set/ SmartSet support embeds evidence into the institution's health care practices on a broader scale, directly into clinical systems for use at the bedside for specific patient populations.
  • Research: CKM research evidence support is open to the VUMC/VU research community with the goal of providing proactive, targeted information services for researchers delivered at the point of need. Research consult services include training, grant assistance, access to electronic resources and tools, database searching and evidence filtering of biochemical, genetic, protein, and structural information. Individual and group consultations are available with experienced Center for Knowledge Management staff.  Information scientists can also provide assistance with comprehensive evidence reviews to researchers developing institutional review board (IRB) protocols and to IRB protocol analysts.
  • VUMC Diagnostic Management Teams: CKM partnered with Diagnostic Management Teams (DMTs) to deliver just-in-time, patient-specific information to inform the interpretation of genetic and complex laboratory evaluations for VUMC Diagnostic Management Teams.  Using their expertise in pharmacogenetics, biomedical sciences, and clinical research, CKM information scientists provided expert search support and critically appraised, synthesized summaries in response to complex questions received from the DMTs.