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All of Us Research Program

All of Us participantsThe All of Us Research Program is a national, federally funded research initiative that aims to advance precision medicine by collecting data from one million participants. Working closely with colleagues at Vanderbilt’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, the Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) contributes to the All of Us Research Program in several ways, bringing expertise in critical appraisal of the biomedical and grey literature, metadata capture, knowledge organization, and health literacy.

CKM contributions to the All of Us Research Program include:

  • Compiling metadata on survey instruments under evaluation for use in participant questionnaires
  • Providing evidence support for multiple All of Us working groups
  • Establishing data fields and assuring data integrity of the Survey Explorer database 
  • Providing quality control of survey question provenance
  • Reviewing evidence regarding underrepresentation of specific populations in research
  • Evaluating and capturing metadata on participant characteristics of comparative cohort studies
  • Benchmarking retention practices of cohort studies similar to All of Us 
  • Conducting a competitive landscape analysis to capture best practices and presentation/design innovations used by large-scale cohort studies to guide the development of the Research Hub
  • Contributing to publications and white papers for All of Us working groups
  • Gathering and structuring information about national partners and community organizations for recruiting underrepresented groups
  • Conducting cognitive interviews in English and Spanish

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