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eStar Evidence Consultation Message Basket

Through this service embedded in the electronic health record, VUMC clinicians can submit requests for expertly researched, synthesized, tailored evidence in response to complex, multi-faceted, patient-specific queries.



For over two decades, the Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) has provided clinicians with filtered synthesized evidence summaries to answer patient-specific, complex clinical questions through a variety of forums, and currently has tailored this service for eStar.  In response to requests sent through the eStar Evidence Consultation Message Basket, information scientists formulate expert search strategies, conduct critical appraisal of the literature, and provide targeted, synthesized evidence to answer complex, patient-specific clinical queries that cannot be answered with a simple search. The eStar Evidence Basket Service relies on eStar’s unique Word Cloud feature that grants information scientists insight into a patient’s underlying / pre-existing conditions and other unique attributes that are critical to providing patient-tailored evidence.

As the application of evidence-based medicine to inform patient care is a key goal at VUMC, services are free of charge and available only to VUMC providers. Consultations are offered to introduce the eStar Message Basket service. Once established with the service, clinicians may submit patient-specific evidence requests to CKM via eStar.



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Primary Contact(s) Credentials:

Mallory Blasingame, MA, MSIS

Jing Su, MD, MSIS