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The Evidence Based Site is a searchable database of complex questions received by The Center for Knowledge Management Clinical Informatics Consult Service specialists rounding with VUMC clinical teams. Knowledge Management information experts provide searching and synthesis of the literature in response to complex clinical queries from team members.
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The Center for Knowledge Management Information Scientists attempt to provide accurate, inclusive, and informative reports based on the specific questions and relevant data provided to them. All information is treated with strict confidentiality, in keeping with Vanderbilt University Medical Center policies. Information Specialists attempt to report all points of view described in the literature, selecting what they consider the most representative examples of each. Summaries are prepared for the convenience of the clinician, and physicians should consult the full-text of the articles before taking action; however, the information provided is no substitute for clinical judgment. It is possible that any given search may omit some relevant information. More extensive bibliographic references for any topic are available upon request.