Consultation Services

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM)’s mission includes offering services for wide-scale information reuse in order to increase immediate and long-term institutional effectiveness.

From just-in-time, expertly filtered and synthesized information packets for complex questions to evidence support for the clinical information systems, CKM’s evidence services support Vanderbilt Medical Center’s patient care, research, education, and healthcare administration.

The Patient Informatics Service (PICS), provides VUMC patients with accurate, relevant, and appropriate information in easily-understandable information packets tailored to the individual's needs about their specific medical condition, disease, or genetic results.  

As part of the CKM’s focus on health literacy and learning styles, information scientists aid the medical center in communicating information to lay audiences.

CKM’S technological services focus on creating solutions to complex knowledge management problems. The CKM technical team develops in-house tools, applications, and websites to support both the work of the Center and the mission of the Medical Center at large.