Patient Informatics Consult Service

The Patient Informatics Consult Service (PICS) is a free information service provided by the Center for Knowledge Management information scientists to all current Vanderbilt patients and their family/caregivers.

This service combines VUMC’s electronic patient education resources with the expertise of information scientists to retrieve accurate, relevant, and appropriate information for Vanderbilt patients in easily-understandable information packets tailored to the individual's needs about their specific medical condition, disease, or genetic results.

  • PICS information packets usually contain a summary of the condition, a bibliography of appropriate articles, and summaries with full-text of the most relevant articles.
  • Patients seeking knowledge about genetic test results will receive an information packet explaining their results as they relate to a specific medical condition or prescription drug.
  • A copy of each personalized packet is also sent to the patient's clinician to create a complete communication loop that best enables patients and families to obtain and understand information relevant to their health care.
  • Patients are encouraged to discuss the information found within the packets with their physician or healthcare professional.
  • The goal of this program is to empower patients to be active participants in their healthcare.

To receive a comprehensive information packet, the patient's physician must fill out a "Prescription for Information" form. This form can be downloaded and printed.