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Biochemical and Genetic Evidence Services

Biochemical and Genetic Evidence Services

From information about variants of unknown significance to curated evidence packets of the relationships between genetic mutations, proteins and disease/condition/pharmacological response, our evidence services support patient care, research, education, and healthcare administration


The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) offers evidence consultation services to advance clinical decision making, evidence-based practice, and the research enterprise at VUMC. These services are delivered in different formats tailored to specific information needs.

CKM scientists have expertise in searching biomedical resources, databases and literature, and assessing prediction algorithms for the most relevant structural and functional consequences of genetic mutations on the proteins they encode. When structural information is known, images can be included in summaries.

Evidence packets prepared by CKM offer consecutive summaries of the evidence and include all relevant citation for literature and resource/database/algorithms. These are stored and maintained in web-based repositories available to the VUMC community. For more detailed information, see the evidence services page.

Primary Contact(s) Credentials

Helen Naylor, MS