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Driven by VUMC's transformative programs and discoveries, CKM proactively engages in the collection, curation, and dissemination of external and internal knowledge, data, and evidence, to best inform and document the decision processes of the organization.

The purpose of the Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) is to actively contribute to the acquisition, creation, dissemination, reuse, and characterization of the institution’s information strata by holistically strengthening its metadata representation and evidence content.  CKM scientists possess an in-depth understanding of sound practices in knowledge management, spanning a wide array of disciplines from knowledge mining, content filtering, information seeking, and data organization.  Leveraging these strengths, CKM professionals are engaged in collaborations for extracting tacit knowledge residing within medical center personnel and systems, eliciting the subjective insight of experts, and retrieving and curating explicit knowledge.  CKM additionally creates new products and services for wide-scale information reuse which increase immediate and long-term institutional effectiveness. CKM’s broad collaborative approach and wealth of expertise aid the medical center in maintaining its competitive advantage as a healthcare organization. Read more