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Publishing Industry and Journal Selection Consultation

Scholarly Publishing Information Hub (SPI-Hub™)

Consultation on the use of a decision-support tool for researchers and prospective authors to facilitate the selection of publication venues and the critical evaluation of scholarly journals and preprint services, including guidance on developing researcher ORCID and SciENcv profiles.


The publishing industry is continuously changing and there is a clear challenge in evaluating the quality, rigor, and transparency of scholarly journals.  The Center for Knowledge Management developed the Scholarly Publishing Information Hub: SPI-Hub™ to guide researchers and prospective authors through this dynamic publishing landscape.

SPI-Hub™ provides indicators of journal scholarship expressed through metadata in 26 fields (e.g., indexing status in biomedical databases, stated adherence to publishing policies/best practices, reporting of open access policies such as fees and licensing options) and allows prospective authors the ability to holistically gain insights into each journal.  Journals can be identified through several search features, including by specific research topic/area of interest.

Preprint services can be browsed in SPI-Hub™ by name or discipline covered. Comprehensive records include metadata in 39 fields (e.g., license and copyright holder, manuscript parameters, assignment of digital object identifier numbers, transfer and linkage to journal final published version). SPI-Hub™ is available at



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Primary Contact(s) Credentials

Taneya Y. Koonce, MSLS, MPH

Annette M. Williams, MLS