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Fellowship Program - Activities & Projects

Center for Knowledge Management

Fellows experience a variety of responsibilities such as actively participating and contributing to research projects and scholarly communications; working with clinicians and researchers; enhancing knowledge management tools, and providing knowledge management services designed to best reflect the needs of the medical center. The training relies on a proven project-based management approach for learning and draws from a series of internally-taught modules, workshops and classes. The fellow is expected to complete a detailed learning plan in areas agreed upon with knowledge management leadership and demonstrate knowledge gained in skills verification sessions.

Leadership Activities:
Fellows learn by doing; therefore they are asked to coordinate and lead project teams in areas of interest and in-line with Knowledge Management goals.

Fellow Presentations:

Fellows are asked to present a 30-minute presentation on a topic chosen. Some past topics include:

  • Art and Science of Ethnography
  • Benchmarking
  • Impact of Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Research Informatics Consult Service Business Plan
  • Nation Center for Biotechnology Information Site Visit and Update
  • Implications of Hypermedia in Electronic Journals
  • Digital Library: History and Overview
  • Digital Knowledge Management
  • Video Indexing
  • Record Management: An Introduction and Overview
  • Evidence-Based Medicine on the Web
  • Knowledge Management
  • Patients and Information: What They Want and How They Want It
  • Bioinformatics
  • The Impact of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) on Librarianship
  • Innovative Functionalities of Digital Libraries
  • The Records Inventory Process: A Necessary Evil
  • Records Retention


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