Skill: IC recruitment incentive plan
Informatics has developed a department policy that pays a bonus to IC employees who refer candidates who are hired into IC open positions. The plan is posted on the Portal. R&S assigns a requisition number to all open positions. Positions are posted by number. The hiring manager's name is not listed in the posting purposely so that he/she is not bombarded with inquiries directly. Informatics encourages the use of the Recruitment Incentive Plan. Therefore, we encourage publicizing the open position to the department via e-mail and announcement in the IC newsletter. Send announcements to the Communications Officer for publication. Include the requisition number in the ad. To qualify for the bonus, the referring employee must forward the candidate's resume to the hiring manager and reference the specific open position. This is not a Vanderbilt-wide policy. It was developed specifically for the Informatics Center and applies only to IC employees who refer applicants for IC positions.