Center for Knowledge Management Consultations & Training

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) offers consultations and training services to support patient care, research, education, and hospital administration for the VU/VUMC communities. Consultations may include ongoing in-depth assistance based on users' specific needs. Training is available for individuals and groups for selected topics. To request consultations or training from the Center for Knowledge Management, click here. CKM can conduct sessions online via web conference.

Systematic Reviews

Consultation to guide the step-by-step process of conducting systematic reviews

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Precision Medicine

Consultation and personalized training to address precision medicine information needs

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Health & Genetic Literacy

Service provided through ongoing consultation and training 

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Informed Consent

Consultation to guide the development of easy-to-read and understand informed consent documents; patient-specific consent documents may require additional consultation with the CKM health and genetic literacy team 

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Publishing Industry and Journal Selection

Consultation on journal selection and compliance with applicable policies/standards (including publishing ethics best practice recommendations and government research policies as they apply to publishing and information sharing)

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Grey Literature

Expert consultations customized to support specific information needs and instructional workshops

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Train the Trainer

Service provided through ongoing consultation and final validation of teaching skills and competencies

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Critical Appraisal of the Biomedical Literature

Service provided through training and consultation, including ongoing regularly supported services

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ORCiD (Open Research and Contributor ID registry)

Instruction on establishing and populating an ORCiD profile as a unique identifier for authors and grant writers.

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*Ongoing consultation is here defined as the sequence of steps necessary to obtain the needed competencies in a specific area of information science.